Twist Key 452

If you don't know what it is, you don't need one.

A decorative knurled aluminium nub.

Your existing keyblade is removed from the existing fob and slide into the base of this part. Use a 2mm allen key to tighten the side grub screw in to secure the key blade. (You can use threadlock fluid on the thread if you wish).

The key can then be slipped into the ignition on your roadster and left in place.

Sounds dodgy? Not at all. You keep the key fob with you and as you know, when you lock the car you also activate the immobilser so even if someone did get in your car, they can't start it.

Unlock your car, get in, twist the aluminium nub in the same way you would with a normal key to start the car.

Looks far better than the standard key and is invaluable if you are one of those people with the ability to knock the key as you drive which turns the car off

Note some keys from smart are slightly larger then the slot key goes into and may need to be filed down a fraction to fit

Compatible with:

  • 452 Roadster
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