Axle Cap Ends

Finish off your axle tube openings with these decorative ends.

Very easy to fit, 5 minutes maximum and comes with the all the tools you need.

You may have seen other companies selling these but they are all copies of the poor design done back in 2001. Aluminium is easy to work with and looks great new but there are issues. Firstly, aluminium rusts (yes really) that's what the white corrosion is that you see on the old designs. Secondly, because the grub screws are steel, they create a bi-metal corrosion between the 2 parts literally seizing the fixings in place. Thirdly, the sizes were a touch small.

These ones, redesigned by the chaps at evilution have all of the pros and none of the cons.

Firstly we ditched the aluminium and went for a tough plastic. This was harder to machine well but the final piece won't react to the metal grub screws and get stuck in place. The plastic is wipe clean so they'll stay looking new with a quick wipe with a damp cloth. The best part is because they are plastic they can be sprayed to match or accent your car's existing colour, that means you don't have to end up with the same looking mods. Unique is good.

In the kit you will get:
2 axle caps in mid sheen black plastic.
6 grub screws.
1 allen key.

Everything you need to fit them. Tool to fit them as well! It's like Ikea.

Compatible with:

  • 450 Style Fortwo
  • 451 Style Fortwo
  • 452 Roadster
  • 453 Style Fortwo and 453 Style Forfour
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