Pink Decorative Wheel Bolt Covers

The smart wheel bolts aren't made of the greatest material in the world so they very quickly rust, corrode and generally look poor holding your lovely wheels on.

Yes they let the look of the car down a bit but they do their job so they aren't really worth the outlay to replace them so what to do?

Well the answer is simple and cheap. (Much cheaper than exactly the same things you will find on Ebay and other smart sites). The answer is just to cover up the offending bolt head with a rubber cap that just pushes in place.

There isn't much more I can say really, they are caps that cover the wheel bolt heads making them look way better. You get 12 caps (sometimes 13 because either we can't count or we are too generous) in a bag and they push in place so take no longer than a minute to fit the lot.

Black / Grey / Red / Blue / White

These fit the fortwo (all years) and the Roadster as long as you have the smart bolts. If you have aftermarket alloys or a Forfour, the bolts are bigger. These also will not fit the security "locking" wheel bolt.

We have lowered the price but dont include the removal tool now, if you get one then its a win for you - just use long nose pliers if you are having trouble removing them

Compatible with:

  • 450 Style Fortwo
  • 451 Style Fortwo
  • 452 Roadster
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