Green Decorative Wheel Bolt Covers

We have been selling black and grey wheel bolt covers to match the tridions and alloys of the smart for some time, we then added white to the list (despite being a rare tridion colour).

Now, we realise that some people want a bit of colour in their life so we have produced a very limited run of colours. Red, Green, Yellow, Pink and Purple.

Our idea is to see which colour sells best and look at stocking that colour permanently.
So if you want a colour, be quick or just hope it's the one we start stocking.

This page is to buy 12 bolt head covers in GREEN (hence the photograph showing green bolt head covers), although there is a good chance you'll get 13 as we like the "one for luck" attitude to cover ourselves in case we can't successfully count to 12.

You now also get a removal tool with every order so that's nice of us.

Compatible with:

  • 450 Style Fortwo
  • 451 Style Fortwo
  • 452 Roadster
Our Price £6.00
(excluding postage)
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