Highline pre-amp out wiring

If you have a Bosch Highline stereo and want to run it to an amplifier, either for better sound or to run a sub woofer through a dedicated amplifier, you need one of these wiring looms.

This separate wiring loom is custom made for us.

It is plug and play and no other connections need to be unplugged for this to be fitted. You simply plug it into the rear of the Highline stereo and it gives you 5 connections.

4x pre-amplified RCA outputs (left and right for both front and rear)
and you also have a switched live blue remote (REM) cable.
The remote cable attaches to the REM connection on the amplifier (if available). When the stereo is turned on it sends 12v down this wire to turn the amplifier on.
Obviously when the stereo turns off, so does the amplifier.

The only thing extra you need to buy to compliment this pre-amp output lead is a set of RCA leads to join the new wiring to the amplifier. We will leave this up to you (we don't sell them) as people are very particular about RCA leads. There are many different lengths and qualities so get on eBay and make a choice.

Stereo in picture not included (just covering our backs from idiots).

Compatible with:

  • 451 Style Fortwo
Our Price £13.00
(excluding postage)
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