Wastegate E Clip

A fairly simple life saver.

The arm that connects to the waste gate actuator is originally held in with a very low quality C clip. The OEM clips aren't stainless steel so they begin to rust very quickly. Only being a small piece of metal, it's not long before it rusts through and falls off.

Then it's only a matter of time before your wastegate is flapping around and your car is either going into safe mode or has no power at all.

This is a nice tight stainless steel replacement E clip. With this in place, your wastegate arm will stay connected.

Instead of waiting for yours to fail, why not pop the old one off, a dab of copper grease, refit the waste gate actuator arm and refit one of these stainless E clips.
Peace of mind for only 2.

Compatible with:

  • 450 Style Fortwo
  • 452 Roadster
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