evilution 452 Anti Roll Bar

The Roadster handles really well. Can it be improved? Yeah of course. Lowered suspension, wider wheels and a thicker anti roll bar and you'll be scaring yourself.

A thicker front anti roll bar for the smart Roadster to reduce the amount the car leans as you corner. This is a perfect addition if you have lowered your Roadster and have increased the performance.

This 22mm anti roll bar helps keep the front of the car more flat as you throw it into corners by transferring more of the force over to the wheel on the inside of the turn, this raises the wheel up more than normal which helps keep the body of the car more flat.

It is highly recommended that you install a thicker anti roll bar if you are running wider front tyres as this reduces the chance of the outside tyre digging in and potentially flipping the car.

This anti roll bar comes with replacement bushes to match the thicker diameter of the bar.

We got sick of dealing with Ultra Racing with their countless middle-men bumping the prices up and the 4 month waiting time so we decided to have our own made. These are made in the UK and powder coated in evilution orange.

Compatible with:

  • 452 Roadster
Our Price £170.00
(excluding postage)
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