Earth Lead Kit 451

Electricity takes the route of least resistance back to the battery earth. If you have a poor earth connection, the current can pass back along other cables causing unusual problems to occur. I have managed to have the headlights come on with the brakes and even had the heater blower sucking air in. Poor earth connections will generally affect things that can run a reverse voltage like bulbs and motors.

There is also an issue called transient current flow where the earth cable cannot handle the flow of electricity so the shortfall of power leaks back to the battery through other routes. This can cause arc erosion inside items such as the steering rack, driveshafts and gearbox.

As the quality of the earth connections deteriorate it can cause unusual temporary problems plus you may notice a drop in performance, lesser MPG and an increased electrical noise through the speakers.

This can be made worse when an amp is installed, even though the amp is earthed the standard earth cable cannot handle the extra load.

Upgrading the quality of the earth cables and the connections allows the electrons to flow at their full potential. This makes the whole process more efficient and allows all the connected devices to work more efficiently as well. Upgrading can:

Reduce electrical noise

Increase the efficiency of the spark plugs

Increase the efficiency of the engine

Increase the MPG

Give more power


With the kit you get the engine earth lead, battery earth lead, battery earth clamp the small bag of electrical jointing paste is no longer included. Just use copper grease instead.

The battery earth component of this kit is not suitable for the MHD.

Compatible with:

  • 451 Style Fortwo
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