451 Engine Mount Insert

These inserts push into the voids of the 451 front engine mount to stiffen it.

This reduces engine movement which can lead to loss of initial torque as it moves the engine instead of driving the wheels. The reduced movement in the mount also allows it to last longer as the standard mounts split and sag during use.

The more it fails, the more the engine moves until the centre block is hitting the outer shell of the mount.

Having a stiffer front engine mount can increase the amount of torque that makes it to the wheels initially resulting in better acceleration.

It's worth noting that you will get a slight increase in engine vibration into the car which is minimal on the turbo engine due to it having a balancing shaft. It's not recommended to be fitted to the diesel engine 451 unless you want your fillings to fall out.

Compatible with:

  • 451 Style Fortwo
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