Forge TIK pipe 451

Evilution designed Forge Motorsport air intake pipe for the non turbo 451. This pipe replaces the one from the air box to the throttle body.

The revolutionary design incorporates a sweeping bend to increase air flow through the pipe and decrease flow resistance. It is such a good design that not only have other companies started ripping our design off, even smart redesigned the original pipe to be a bit more like ours!

Once fitted we have notice a slight increase in power and an increase in MPG. These sold like wildfire when we announced them in America and so far, everyone has seen an improvement in fuel economy.

These pipes now come with the correct hose clamps required for fitting to save you sourcing your own.

Don't even consider the alternatives with the 2 right angled bends, do your engine and MPG a favour and fit the best, fit Forge pipes.

Compatible with:

  • 451 Style Fortwo
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