Denso IXUH22 Performance Spark Plugs


The ultimate performance spark plug for the smart 451.
Suitable for all types of petrol smart 451 (mid 2007 onwards), turbo and non turbo.

These Iridium tipped spark plugs are made by the same company who make the OEM plugs that are fitted at the factory so they know their stuff.

The pre-gapped 0.4mm iridium tip improves performance, increases power and decreases fuel consumption compared to standard spark plugs.

For the price you get 1 Denso Iridium spark plug. The 999cc smart engine in the 451 only takes 3 spark plugs unlike the old 600cc and 700cc engines in the 450 and Roadster that took 6 spark plugs.

These spark plugs are hard to source and we only have a limited number so be quick.

Changing these spark plugs is very easy, see the instructions on the link below.

This is the only authorised performance sparkplug allowed to be used in the smarts4youracing cars as raced in the Fortwo Cup. They are used for a good reason.

REMEMBER to order 3 if you are wanting them for a smart 451 :)

Compatible with:

  • 451 Style Fortwo
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