Aquapel Screen Kit

Move over Rain-X, you're not welcome here any more.

Aquapel is a windscreen treatment that chemically bonds to your windscreen making rain roll straight off. Once the screen is treated it will usually last in excess of 6 months and the effects can still be seen a year later.

When we applied Aquapel to our smart, the windscreen wipers didn't get used for over 6 months. Just the movement of air over the windscreen was enough to clear any rain meaning no streaks, no smears from the wipers. The view of the road was far better even in the heaviest of rain.

Application is very simple, take a look here.

you will need 2 microfibre clothes , but we have included an alcohol wipe to clean the windscreen with once you have cleaned it anyway prior to application

The applicator says it has enough fluid inside for 1 windscreen but we found there to be enough for 2 windscreen and all the other glass on 1 car. You have to work fairly quickly, you shouldn't let it dry before buffing it off. If you do decide to do more than 1 car you will have to do them 1 after the other because once the applicator is activated the fluid will evaporate in 10 minutes.

Compatible with:

  • 450 Style Fortwo
  • 451 Style Fortwo
  • 452 Roadster
  • 453 Style Fortwo and 453 Style Forfour
  • 454 Forfour
  • Misc Part General Compatibility
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