Polyurethane Anti Roll Bar Bushes

If you own a 451 you have probably experienced the noisy suspension problem that affects quite a few of these models.

The noise is the anti roll bar (sway bar) moving through the high friction rubber bushing. Normally these start off quiet and after winter or a bit of rain, start causing a creaking, cracking or banging noise as the suspension moves.

Water, road salt and grit get into the rubber bush and increase the friction between the rubber and the anti roll bar so the bar catches instead of slide inside it.

What we have here is a pair of 1 piece polyurethane bushes to replace the rubber bushes. Polyurethane is better in every way to rubber bushes. They are stronger, create less friction and resist weather. Despite being a tougher material, there is no extra road noise passed into the cabin like you can get with poly bushes in other positions on the chassis.

These will fit all 451s and Roadsters. These will NOT fit the 450.
You will need to buy our orange anti-roll bar bushes for the 450.

these are the 18mm versions

Take a look at this link to see the fitting instructions, www.evilution.co.uk/760

Compatible with:

  • 451 Style Fortwo
  • 452 Roadster
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