451 Key Fob & Blade

Is your smart key tatty, worn, broken, no longer stays on the key ring because the back has snapped off, plastic buttons broken or split?

Previously you had 2 options. Live with it or buy a new key from smart at a cost of about 70 (price varies). The reason for this price is that smart would only sell you a complete key with the electronics inside. You would then have to have the key coded. Even more money.

That's a lot of money just because it won't stay on the key ring.

Well, now we can help.

We are now selling a replacement fob surround with an uncut blade.
Just pop the cases open, swap the internal PCB over (10 second job, it just lifts out) and you are good to go. You will have to go on the hunt for a local key cutters who can cut this type of key as it is milled instead of cut but there will be people out there who can do it, I doubt it'll cost more than 6.

You can have a fixed keyfob with a working blade for less than twenty pounds (adjust mentally for regional currency) and you have the added bonus that whilst you are at the key cutters you can get your shoes re-heeled too.

So, make your life complete, obtain inner zen, have a shiny new keyfob and possibly have new Cuban heels. What more could you possibly want?

Compatible with:

  • 451 Style Fortwo
Our Price £6.00
(excluding postage)
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